Such a simple safe word

Why didn't she say it?

Mayhem would have been avoided

Prison too

She wanted me to do it

Tie her up tight

with ball gagged mouth

Was it ecstasy, her writhing?

as the lashes teased her flesh

it seemed so to me

the look in her eyes pleading

as she strained against the bight

when she closed her eyes I thought she was done

but we'd only started

she'd had her fun.

power exchange isn't pretty

to those who don't know

the delicious emotions

when you can't control.

Submission to another

in body and mind

trust complete isn't a crime.

It looks like a beating

and scars like one too

but thats just skin

not whats you.

Alec Penwalt Smith
Poet, Author, Philosopher, Gypsy
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