Alec Penwalt Smith
Poet, Author, Philosopher, Gypsy
Rambling Homage to Ginsburg, (Guerilla performance at City Lights Bookstore, Oct 6, 2012)
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if not remembered what will I be?

What was I anyway?   what did you see?

was I what I am?

or what you thought? was I anything?

something substantial? or naught…?

I am nothing who imagines i can be,

who's thoughts take form for you to see,

something out of nothing,  yet nothing remains.

'cause I'm not real

'cause I'm not me

what you're seeing is not me,

what you're seeing is what you want to see

'cause I'm not real I can choose what to be

'cause you see me, how I be what I am, how I be is what you want,

its not up to me.

see what you want and let me be

what you want me to be, let me be what you want,

let me be, don't tell me what I am,

you cant know, your too busy seeing what you see,

to see me.